Testpass helps brands of sports equipment around the world

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Automatic product management for brands

Organize your customer experience program

Testpass allows you to better manage your products as well as opportunities to recruit new customers.

Testpass in 6 ideas

Master the experience you offer your clients

What does your schedule look like in the next few days?

Real-time planning

What product is available such day at such time? Take a look at the schedule of your event and have the answer in the second.

Integration on your website

Testpass can be customized to your colors and integrated into a page of your website for a "seamless" user path

Automatic emails

When one of your products is booked, the user receives a personalized email together with you to give you the details of the reservation.

Be covered

All reservations are subject to the mandatory signature of a disclaimer.

Booking in just a few clicks

On event, start a reservation in record time thanks to an optimized registration path which saves you time and will relieve you

Real-time stats

During or after the event, know immediately which product was the most popular.

Accompany your network

Create traffic with your resellers

How Testpass can help you boost your reseller network

A mini site for your resellers

Each reseller has a page on which all available products are displayed

Easy search

Users select the product they are looking for, resellers with this product are highlighted

Simplified test request

The user specifies the niche of his choice from those available from the dealer

Optimized communication

The dealer and the user both receive a test request confirmation and the dealer can contact the user

Performance Monitoring

Follow up on the transformation with Testpass's test request indicators

Flash product update

The products available from your resellers are updated in a few clicks

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